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2020 China Ningbo International Auto Parts and Aftermarket Fair Tradeshow 23 - 25 Sep 2020

2020 China Ningbo International Auto Parts and Aftermarket Fair

23 - 25, Sep 2020

Ningbo , China

Event Organizer

Ningbo Oriental Harbor International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Minan Road 268,Yinzhou, Ningbo, Zhejiang,China

Tel: 86-574-88259953

China Ningbo International Auto Parts and Aftermarket Fair (CAPAFAIR) is China's only export-oriented and auto-based aftermarket trading Fair. 

CAPAFAIR is held in the center of China's largest auto parts industry cluster--Ningbo. Take the advantages of port and foreign trade, providing a professional service platform for international buyers, traders, vehicle manufacturers and tens of thousands of auto parts and aftermarket manufacturers who are around to display, exchange, cooperate and trade.

【Exhibits Profile】

Parts & Components: Engine System, Brake System, Chassis & Body, Air Conditioning System, Standard Mechanical Parts, Wearing Parts

Accessories & Customizing: Interior & Exterior Products, Maintenance & Care, Refitting Accessories and Supplies, Protection Tools, Safety Products

Electronics: Vehicle Lighting, Connectivity, Electronics, New Energy System

Auto Parts Processing Technology and Equipment: Accessories Equipment, New Material, 3D Printing, Industrial Robot, Mold & Supporting Equipment, Surface Treatment

Others: Institutions/Association, Media, Maintenance and Testing Equipment, Casting, Oils & Fluids

Event Venue

Ningbo International Conference & Exhibition Center Ningbo , China
+86 574-88259953
No.181 Huizhan Road, Ningbo, China

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