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Beauty Connect Expo Myanmar 2020 Tradeshow 24 - 26 Sep 2020

Beauty Connect Expo Myanmar 2020

24 - 26, Sep 2020

Yangon , Myanmar

Event Organizer

Minh Vi Exhibition and Advertisement Services Co., Ltd (VEAS Co., Ltd)

08th Floor, Room 805, Ha Do Building 02 Hong Ha St,Vietnam

Tel: +84 3848 8561

- Full name of the event: The 6th International Exhibition & Conference for Aesthetic, Beauty, Cosmetics, Hair, Nail and Spa in Myanmar

- Date: 24-26 September 2020

- Venue: Rose Garden Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

- Official website: beautyconnectasia.com

- Organizer(company): Minh Vi Exhibition & Advertisement Services Co., Ltd (Veas)

- Frequency: annual

- Event profile:

Beauty Connect Expo Myanmar includes h ighlighted activities such as: B2B Matchmaking Program  where various domestic and international enterprises can directly network, search for new distributors and expand relationship with partners right at their booth; Seminar Program with hot topics will be presented by top speakers, leading experts and professionals in the beauty industry, updating for participants practical and comprehensive hot topics and helping them to grasp latest market information and technology transfers in Myanmar beauty market;  Stage Program show you the most appealing performance of makeup artists, hair stylists...

Event Venue

Rose Garden Hotel Yangon , Myanmar
+84 3848 8561
#171 Upper PansodanYangon

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