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Home World Expo 2020 Tradeshow 5 - 7 Nov 2020

Home World Expo 2020

5 - 7, Nov 2020

Mumbai , India

Event Organizer

Worldex India Exhibition & Promotion Pvt. Ltd

309, Parvati Premises, Sun Mill Complex,Lower Parel (W), Mumbai 400 013, India.,India

Tel: 91 (022) 4037-6700

@ Home World Expo – Future Living

The Indian market for Home Décor is booming. Widespread internet access, social media platforms, e-commerce offerings are all creating tremendous awareness amongst Indian consumers not only in the main cities but also across tier I and tier II towns.

If we take into consideration the fact that India has an unrivalled youth population with more than 65% of its 1.3 billion people under the age of 35, and over 50% under 25 and a median age below 30, then it is clear that the market has a tremendous scope for growth.

India’s per capita income has been growing at a consistent rate of approximately 8% over the last 11 years accounting for a decade long consumption boom with private consumption accounting for 60% of India's GDP.

The latest estimates of national income for FY19 shows that consumption grew by 12.0% (in current prices) in FY19 compared with 10.6% in FY18. Domestic consumption is expected to be ~$3 trillion by 2030, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

With the youngest working population in the world, India’s consumption story will be huge in the next 20 years, driven by its 440 million millennials and 390 million Gen Z.

The World Economic Forum states that by 2030, India will add 130 million middle-income households and 21 million high-income households, overall doubling the share of these households to 51%.

So how do you take advantage of this positive and attractive, growing market? @ Home World Expo - Future Living is the platform which is focussed on providing direct entry into this lucrative market for entrepreneurs from across the globe looking to take the next step forward to tap the vast South Asian market.

India is seen as one of the key large markets for future growth by international, multi-national and domestic corporations and conglomerates driven by the positive demographics coupled with the increasing purchasing power. So, how would you go about entering this rewarding but disparate varied market?

@ Home World Expo - Future Living provides the solution to your entry into the South Asian market. The Expo resolves all your queries by creating a positive business environment to meet and interact with potential business partners in a region which is soon expected to become one of the world’s largest consumer and exporter of home décor products.

@ Home World Expo has lived up to its goal of being a truly international platform and has become a global converging event for international manufacturers to introduce their qualityproducts and designs to the Indian market by directly interacting with India's top importers, chain stores, hyper markets, trading houses, e-retailers, agents and distributors.

Rising demand has led to a subsequent jump in consumption of home décor products which has pushed the market onto the fast track, growing at 20% per annum. In this growth market, the @ Home World Expo is the best platform to help manufacturers identify potential business partners, showcase new & unique innovations for the South Asian market, interact and network with bulk buyers from across the region, discover new selling opportunities and most importantly enhance the brand image and visibility within the industry and market.

Successful past editions of this show are testimony that a deep industry knowledge coupled with our experience in bringing together high quality exhibitors and buyers come together to create a unique sourcing platform.

@ Home World Expo, as a focused integrated platform, fulfils commercial requirements via focused sectors and by organising t he show in Mumbai– the financial and retail capital of India – to take advantage of ease of travel, communications and logistics for exhibitors from across the globe and India as well as buyers arriving from different parts of India to take their businesses forward. In short, the show goes the extra mile in order to create impactful networking opportunities for all buyers and exhibitors taking part and visiting the show.

The 2020 show has expanded over its previous editions to include contemporary products ranging from Automation & IoT, Smart Lighting and Smart Security to Décor, Furniture, Table & Glassware, Kitchen & Bath and Wellness.

@ Home World Expo will see companies present the latest homeware concepts, trends, technology, innovations and equipment, keeping buyers aware of the latest trends in industry as well as explore new products to increase and satisfy consumer demand.

Looking at past @ Home World Expo participation, this year we are looking at an increase in the number of international country pavilions, launches of latest products and innovations and special networking receptions and events to expand business network in India – one of the world’s largest and fastest growing consumer markets.

@ Home World Expo, as a global convergence hotspot with international exhibitors makes it an international B2B sourcing event for the discerning Indian buyer. For further information visit: www.athomeworldexpo.com

Event Venue

Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) Mumbai , India
+91 (22)-4050 4900
Highway, Goreagon (East)Mumbai - 400 063

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